Beginning of a New Year!

A new day with new hopes and new opportunities is something which all of us are looking
for from 2017 and for me this blog (Sparkly Thoughts) is the real reason for my happiness.

I started the first day of the year by getting my hair treated called hair smoothening as we call.
Every time I get my hair chemically treated, I pledge not to get it done the next time, funny me!. Still,its the 6th time I have undergone the hair treatment. Many of my friends ask me if it damage my hair, did I experience a hair fall issue, blah blah. Honestly, out of the 6 experiences, the first and the latest ones are the best ones. Rest all were a mess. Those truly deteriorated my hair condition making them super dry and rough, but the latest service which I received from BBT Salon, is the one I am too happy with. This is the first time I had paid a visit to the salon and am very impressed by their service. Though its just been a few days since the process, hopefully, the hair treatment should last.

The next in line is sport, yes I took one this year and that’s Squash. As a novice to this sport, still haven’t got a hang of it yet but as we say practice makes a man perfect.

I am super excited by the way the layout of the blog has turned and can’t wait any more to share my experiences/views on varied topics.


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