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It was serene, it was peaceful!

Since we covered by road it took us eight long hours to reach Goa.  Having said that you would have understood that I am not so much fond of road trips, not because of some sickness ,  but it just makes me feel tired. But husband dear was insisting for a road trip so be it.   We planned lot of stuff in advance, consulted number of friends and colleagues about their experiences about the place and of course read a lot. A tip here is to start early as we did since we got numerous feedback that if we don’t then we would end up getting stuck in traffic._mg_3791

collageWe spent out first 2 days in North Goa, and stayed in Riva Beach Resort at Mandrem beach. The next 2 days we stayed in South Goa at Zuri White Sand Resort at Varca Beach. At Riva, with the sea facing room, the mornings were always amazing. We spent most of the time exploring the beaches, building castles in sand with my beloved daughter and snoozing by the beach. It was serene. beach-side-goaOne early morning I spotted many crabs, and fishes on the shore which might have swept by the high tides during the night. Alas, I could barely save 1 or 2 from the lot as the rest were already dead. The days were normally very hot and nights were pleasant which made us spent our start and end of the day by relaxing at the beach. mandrem-shacks mandrem-beach kids-at-mandrem img_3856Harmal Beach(Aarambol) and  Ashvem Beach were just a 5-10 minutes drive from the Resort. During the day, we spent our time exploring nearby places like Fort Chapora , Vagtaor Beach, Senquerim Beach while the nights were pleasant and we used to sit on the  beach and have candlelight dinner at Ashvem and Harmal Beach. Speaking about the fort there is barely anything but the ruins, however, the sight of Vagator beach from the Fort is a treat to eyes. Also, there are many shacks at Harmal Beach where you can sit by the beach and have candlelight dinner experience, while there is one which I would recommend called La Plage.

Basilica of Bom Jesusbom-jesus

Bom means Holy!.It is beautifully designed  and being a UNESCO World Heritage site as it holds the mortal remains of St.Francis Xavier, we were very keen to visit the place._mg_3990 _mg_3931 _mg_3906

Zuri White Sands Resort had a charm of its own, beautifully designed at  Varca beach and excellent 5 star amenities. It was worth a stay, with delicious food and picturesque view. After breakfast we spent a few hours by the pool side as Anaisha wasn’t ready to come out of it. So I let the father daughter duo had some fun in the water while I basked in the sun with music in my ears. Mostly we spent our time in the resort or by the beach side and in evening we went Palolem beach where we got a chance to see Dolphins in the sea. However, the beach was a big let down as it was very dirty and was too crowded.

_mg_4109 _mg_4103 _mg_4011 _mg_4366 _mg_4243 _mg_4303 _mg_4306While our way back to Pune we bought the famous cashews and visited Dona Paula at Vasco.

_mg_4406Keep watching for a related post on how to plan a travel to plan a trip effectively which would have some basic rules.




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