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There came a time when my travel to office became way too much. On a regular basis, a to and fro to office took somewhere between 3.5 hours to 4 hours. However, it wasn’t the same always. When baby “A” came into our life,

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we had relocated to a place close to my office, so, on a regular day, precisely in 7 minutes I used to reach to my office. It lasted for 2 years. But now things are different. Though I still stay in the same locality but since I found a new job, which is too far from my home, the travel time has definitely increased. Since last 1.5 years the travel is like this. Initially, in the charm of a new opportunity, new place and everything new, things were very exciting, but trust me it didn’t last too long. The travel started becoming more of a burden instead. But I had to keep up with my decision, as I wanted to give it a shot. I wanted to feel the taste of it.

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At the very beginning, I used to see people in my cab sleeping the whole time, but I couldn’t. The idea of wasting my precious 4 hours everyday, just freaked me out. So I tried many things. To begin with I introduced books to travel which I am sure most of us do, but it too didn’t last long, as my eyes couldn’t take the stress of reading on the bumpy rides of Pune. So, next I went on to explore games. I installed games on my mobile to keep myself entertained. I certainly enjoyed it but got addicted to gaming so much that all the time, wherever I go, whatever time of day it is, all I wanted to do is play. So, I gradually reduced my play time and replaced it with nap times. It worked pretty well when travel time is more, but mind you I travel by cab, so those of you who travel, via public transport shouldn’t try it as you might miss your stop. I don’t have a chance to do that as my cab would stop at my office. Lastly, I tried Netflix! Yep took a subscription and voila, my boring travel times was gone. It worked like magic for me since I am the kind of person who is a movie lover. So, I wondered why it didn’t strike me before. Since then the travel is always a pleasant time. So I normally, Netflix or take naps during my travel and I am pretty ok with this kind of travel.

Let me know about how you pass your boring travel time.


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