Every End is a New Beginning

A total of 9.4 years of experience and no break in my career throughout I came to a point where managing things like before was becoming way too challenging. I don’t know if it was in my head or was I really facing the challenges but I was in a dilemma of knowing and not knowing. Additionally, like I have mentioned in my previous posts, from past 1.5 years my travel time has increased to somewhere between 3 to 4 hours a day and so by the time I was back home it was already 11 pm,  too tired and exhausted. So, finally after going through months and months of thought process, I came to a conclusion of quitting my job as I wasn’t able to give time to my little one and my love of writing. But trust me the decision was not that easy, I was being offered a good job role but I had to decline because my reasons for quitting didn’t have the job role on my priority list but it was time as my work life balance was as good as negligible while there was only work and no life as there was work+travel. I know many of you might not have the same thought process as mine but this is what I did. I followed my heart! My brain said that you can achieve so much if you get a role change in your job while my heart said take a break, relax and think how you want to take it further. My current priority of getting a job are way too different than before.

@home workstation
My new workstation

Now, I decided to be regular with the posts which I wasn’t before and not to bore my readers with irregularity and I finally said goodbye to my job. Having said that I have more for you guys in pipeline. I will soon be launching my youtube channel , so keep following. Cheers to the new beginning !

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