The FaceShop Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask: Review

Product Description as on box:

Drawing on the pure and natural strength of the Himalayas, this formula with Himalayan raspberry root extract helps improve skin tone and elasticity for refined look of facial complexion.Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask from The FaceShop

Directions to use:

I normally use it as a bedtime routine, though not everyday, however, it is recommended to be used on a regular basis, but honestly I am not that regular with it. Anyway, I use it just before I hit the bed, on a clean and moisturised face. Apply generously all over the face. Next day morning clean with lukewarm water.Raspberry Mask Swatch

My take on the Product:

Honestly speaking I am a huge fan of the skin care range from the FaceShop. However, this particular mask didn’t appeal to that extent. Maybe because I am not using it as required by which I mean as daily, but still the results are not as I expected. However, the product isn’t too bad either. As a dry skin bearer I am always on a hunt of products which could sooth my skin and maintain the elasticity as required otherwise the skin starts stretching and I would feel the uneasiness in the skin. Also, people with dry skin have to be extra careful because ageing could come soon if not taken care in initial stages. Though I am blessed with healthy skin but if not taken care of it won’t last. I have seen many people who are blessed with healthy skin but they won’t take care of it stating they don’t need to as their skin is already good. People ! Please don’t do it. Even if you have healthy skin type you still need to maintain it so eat healthy, exercise and take care of your skin. The product is vicious as a mask is supposed to be and comes in white colour. It has a mild fragrance and comes in an attractive packaging. The bottle comes with a pump which makes it easy to draw the amount of product you require for application. The FaceShop Raspberry Roots Sleeping mask comes in a 100 ml bottle.Raspberry Mask Bottle

The Faceshop Sleeping Mask Bottle

Rating: I will give it a 3 out of 5

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