Original Beauty Blender: Review

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I know I am a bit late to write a review about the Original Beauty Blender when a lot has already been written and said by many bloggers and vloggers. I always used to wonder why there is so much of fuss about the Original Beauty Blender when there are a lot of similar looking products available in the market so why should I opt for the original beauty blender which is a bit pricy comparatively, and before trying it I have tried multiple other similar products which came at a cheaper price.

Directions To Use:

Soak the beauty blender in water and then squeeze the water. Doing this will change the size of it to almost twice the original and then we are ready to use it.Beauty Blender directions to use

Cleaning the beauty blender is a bit tricky and gruesome. I normally do it by soaking the beauty blender in bowl of water mixed with liquid detergent and microwaving it for a minute. This process has to be repeated multiple times till the product is clean.

My Take on the Product:

The Original Beauty Blender is a fine product and is latex free. The application is indeed very smooth and even. Earlier I used to apply foundation with my finger tips or later have tried many different beauty blenders but nothing has worked so fine as compared to the Original Beauty Blender. Beauty blender Tub

Beauty Blender colours

the original beauty blenderThe application of the product with this tool gives and amazing even finish and apparently the product on the skin appears very light (I’m not kidding) where at the same time it won’t loose the coverage. The Original Beauty Blender uniformly blends the product onto the skin making it feel so natural and even as part of your own skin. It comes in a variety of colours, though mostly I have seen it in hot pink but the one I bought was in very light pink colour. It is a bit pricy at $42 but a piece runs longer duration.

Makeup and more
My makeup done for a friend’s engagement using beauty blender


  • gives even finish
  • blends the product evenly on the skin
  • won’t loose the coverage
  • provides uniformity
  • latex free


  • Cleaning the product is messy and time taking job
  • A bit expensive



I would rate it 4/5


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