Easy Fishtail Braid Tutorial

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Today my camera wasn’t ready to cooperate with me and the lighting and weather contributed to it, since I have not yet invested in and soft boxes yet so I had a hard time to shoot the tutorial and hence the delay in posting the tutorial today. I really need to think an alternate or an interim fix to the situation till the time I buy the soft boxes which as of now I don’t want to invest on.

Anyway, today I wanted to show you a quick and easy messy fishtail braid tutorial. Few weeks back I was keeping super busy as we had lots of visits from guests and one of our guests wanted to learn how to fishtail braid so she suggested me to add this tutorial for all my friends and lovely visitors to my blog Sparkly Thoughts to learn the super easy tutorial. This is a picture tutorial but as I would launch my YouTube channel I would surely make a video tutorial for a lot more better understanding on how to make this super easy fishtail braid. So here are the steps below with the picture illustration

Step 1: Brush all of your hair to one side of your face.

Step2: This step is optional but I prefer to do it as otherwise my face looks very flat. Take a small section of hair from your front, roll it back and pin it with a bobby pin. This gives a little volume to my crown of the face and doesn’t give a flat look to my face.

Step 3: Now make two sections of the hair.

Step 4: Take a little section of hair from the back of one of the section and move it to the other section.

Step 5: Similarly take a little section of hair from the back of the other main half of the section and move it to the other side of the second section.

Step 6: Repeat the steps till you reach near the end of the tail . Also, ensure to tightly make the braid as otherwise your hair may come out of the braid.

Step 7: Secure with an elastic band or a hair tie.

Step 8: This too is an optional step but I rather like the messy fishtail braid look instead of a tidy fishtail braid. If you don’t like the messy look, you may avoid the step and you are done. Lightly pull each strands one on one from the end of the fishtail to moving slowly towards the top and you are done.

Try it on and let me know how it turned out for you.


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