L’oreal Super Liner Super Star Designer Duo : Review

I don’t have too many eyeliners on my A list and so, I am always on a hunt for new eyeliners. This time I got L’oreal Super Liner which I am currently loving. It is intense black and the felt tip helps to draw the shape as per desire. The L’oreal Paris Super Liner has felt tip on one end and pencil tip on the other end. The one I chose to buy has golden pencil tip which can be easily rolled on as per your desire. It comes in two variants, the one I chose as well as other in silver roll, while the felt tip end remains same.

The eye liner glides perfectly to draw amazing shape as per desire and I am able to perfectly sketch cat eye liner looker. The pencil roll-on at the other end is to highlight the inner corners of your eyes. I am very happy with the results but the only issue is that it is not very long lasting and so if you want to wear it for full day, I would suggest you to keep it handy for touch up as and when required.

Super Liner superstar duo

Price: Rs 899


  • It comes in attractive packaging.
  • glides smoothly.
  • comes in 2 variants with golden and silver roll on pencil.
  • has a felt tip and roll on pencil.



  • not long lasting as the finish diminishes after few hours so would need a touch up if want to wear for an entire day.

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