Chambor Light and Sheer Skin Highlighter: Review

I am not practically familiar with the terms highlighters, bronzers and contouring kits. You must be thinking “I am joking “ but I am not. I am not a makeup artist but I do love makeup and so my love towards makeup makes me keen to try on new products. Since long, I wanted to do a celebrity makeup look and so the thought of these products came to my mind. So to start with I got a highlighter from Chambor. Honestly, I wasn’t sure which brand to try on or what should be the criteria to look for but I followed my instincts. Out of 4 -5 brands highlighter I chose Chambor as this is the one brand which I can trust. I mostly like all the products of this brand whichever have tried, be it foundations, lipsticks, lip pencils or eye pencils/eye liners.

Highlighter ChamborDescription as on box:

A sheer texture that perfects skin with light-reflecting pearls for a soft, natural glow. Can be applied its own or blend with foundation for radiant finish. Ideal for all types of skin and any skin tone.

Chambor Highlighter Description on boxPrice: Rs 1345

My Take on the Product:

As a first timer I am pretty happy with the results. I even tried a makeup look which I will show you in the forthcoming posts so stay tuned. It certainly has a sheer texture plus out of the range of highlighters I tested on that day the thing I liked most about it is that it doesn’t have a too much glittery effect in it which I found in other brand’s highlighters and of course I didn’t like, so overall it doesn’t give you a too much made up look. It isn’t too pricy and is a fair deal to try your hands on it.

Chambor Highlighter Ingredients

Chambor Light and Sheer Highlighter


  • sheer texture
  • for all skin types
  • suitable for any skin tone
  • fairly priced


Haven’t observed any yet.


I am not saying that it is the best in market as this is the first I have ever tried but I was pretty happy with the results,

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