Supple Skin at Home: Tips and Tricks

Weekends are ideal time to pamper your skin and hair, at least that’s what I prefer to do after a week-long exposure of my skin to makeup and pollution. We all love supple skin and looking at babies make me wonder how on earth are the babies born with such an amazing skin. So this trick which I am sharing today will help you achieve a supple skin and too at very low investment. No it is not a facial, neither is a messy job. It is an age-old trick which oldies used to follow at the time when the fancy creams were not accessible so easily. All you need is Nivea cream and some tissue papers. I normally buy a small packaging of the cream which comes at a mere price of Rs 29 and it is enough to last 4 to 5 applications.


  1. Ideally follow it as soon as you step out of shower but otherwise you may want to wash your face with water and pat dry.after wash
  2. Apply a thick layer of Nivea cream all over your face and neck and keep it for 10-15 minutes.Application of the cream
  3. Wipe of the face with tissue paper and then wash your face with luke warm water.
    Wipe of the cream with tissue paper
    My daughter certainly doesn’t like me with the cream and wanted to wipe it off

Don’t wash your face with cleanser but plain water.

Try it on and let me know how it goes.

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