Dr Jart Ceramidin Lipair Pure

I am sure all of us go through a period in year when our lips turn super dry and chapped lips, though mine are susceptible to a very slight dryness in the air so I have to take extra care of my lips but honestly, there wasn’t any lip care balm which has worked like Dr. Jart Ceramidin Lipair. I’m thankful that my sister keeps sending me such wonderful products from Singapore. She mentioned that she bought it from Sephora, though I haven’t checked the Sephora outlet in my city, but I am surely going to find out if it is available here as well.

Dr Jart’s is a Korean brand and as we are well aware that Koreans skincare cosmetics are considered amazing worldwide and so is Dr Jart’s.

Ceramides are natural lipids that hydrate and help retain moisture. The Dr Jart Ceramidin Lipair’s main ingredient is ceramides that helps retain moisture in the lips and thereby making them plum and ultra soft.

My Take on the Product:

Though the first glance of the product isn’t fascinating, but I would say don’t judge this book with it’s cover. It comes in a regular roll on stick. All that matters are the results and I am cent percent satisfied with the results. The Dr Jart’s Lipair will leave your lips hydrated and plum. Also, it won’t leave the lips looking shiny as opposed to the ordinary lip balms. Also, I would recommend it to be used prior to lipstick application in order to avoid any chapping. I felt the need to repeat the application of the lipair.


  • results are the best, soft and plum lips


  • Packaging isn’t fancy
  • Repeated application is required


Overall, I would rate it is as 4/5 and it is certainly a boon for me.

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