Blackhead peel-off Facial Mask with Charcoal extract: Review

If you are troubled by the blackheads on your nose or face then the Blackhead peel-off facial mask with charcoal extract by sence beauty  is the solution for it. With many charcoal masks around in the market this is the first one I have tried so far. Though charcoal masks are popular from quite some time but I was a little hesitant to try it on as it is certainly not at all appealing, but later had to surrender as lately I noticed a lot of blackheads around my nose but didn’t have time to get a facial done (which is long overdue), and that’s the time when I came across the charcoal facial mask from Sence Beauty(though I got it as a gift 😉 )

About the Product:

The brand claims that the blackhead peel-off facial mask with charcoal extract clears pores and exfoliates the skin.

My Take on the Product:

The blackhead peel-off mask with charcoal extract from sence beauty is the first which I had tried so far but I am happy with the results it has shown on my skin. Lately, I realised the problem of blackheads over my nose. However, still I wasn’t very to try it on till the time I saw my sister trying the same and the results were quite impressive so I gave it a shot, and I wasn’t disappointed. The mask is very thick in consistency which makes it easy to peel off. The box contains 5 sachets and 1 sachet is enough for a complete face application. Though it is not mentioned but I would recommend to clean and exfoliate the face before application in order to pull more blackheads. I scrubbed my face and gave it a nice steam for a couple of minutes before the application which made maximum peel-off. I have tried it both the ways which are scrubbing the face and without scrubbing the face before the application and the results were noticeable. Though on the pack it is mentioned for normal skin but it works fine on combinational and oily skin as well. Overall, the charcoal peel-off mask did a decent job and I am quite happy with the results.

Fresh skin


  • Thick consistency
  • Blackheads as well as white heads are neatly removed
  • regular usage clears the area decently


  • the removal of the peel-off mask is very painful
  • mind you be careful of your hair and tie them properly as otherwise it may pull it off as well at the time of the removal

Rating : 3/5



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