How to do winged eyeliner

In order to get a perfect winged eyeliner you need to first have a hold on the basic eyeliner and to do so all you need is practise. I remember there was time when I didn’t even know how to do the basic eyeliner so I would have to always seek friends’ help and in turn a lot of dependency. But it was just a matter of time when became perfect in the art and I achieved it by practising a lot. So don’t be disheartened if you don’t get the perfect results for the first time.

I have used 2 eyeliners and a fork in order to achieve the perfect result.

  1. Loreal Super Liner
  2. Chambor Smooth on Eye Liner

Step by Step Guide:

Step 1: With the help of a fork, using the Loreal Super Eyeliner, I drew a line from the outer edge of the eye to make a wing.Step 1 Eyeliner

Don’t worry too much about the perfection at this time.

Step 2: Then with the help of the same Loreal Super Liner, I drew an arc over the eyelid.winged eyeliner tutorial
Step 3: Now, with the help of the Chambor smooth on eye liner, I tried to perfect the arc and the wing.Step by step tutorial winged eyeliner
Step 3
Step 4: With the help of angled brush dipped in a little makeup remover, I cleared any irregularities around the eyes. Step 4 Winged Eyeliner

At this point of time you can as well shorten the wing if required.

Voila! The results are good. With more practise you won’t even need a fork.

Winged Eyeliner Black

Steps at a glance:


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