The Face Shop Ginseng Cream Special Set : Review

The Ginseng Cream Special Set from the Face Shop is another one on my list of favourite creams. As I have mentioned several times before that I have very dry skin so the creams which nourish my skin without giving me greasy look it always a plus. 

Suitable for dry skin.



The box consists of 2 items, one is Ginseng cream and the second is the Ginseng oil. The application can be done in the following ways.

  1. Apply the Ginseng cream all over the face and after a few seconds apply a few drops of the Ginseng oil over it.
  2. Take a little amount of Ginseng cream and a few drops of the Ginseng oil and mix them. Apply the mixture over the face.

My Take on the Product:

The Ginseng cream set consists of 2 items which is a gel based cream and the Ginseng oil. The most important benefit of Ginseng is that it prevents ageing. Also, it helps relieve the stress. The Ginseng cream formula appears to be heavy with gold extracts and has a pleasing fragrance. The gold extracts too are known to help prevent ageing. As the formula is very heavy, only a little amount of cream does the job. The Ginseng oil hydrates the skin for long and hence keeps the skin healthy and supple. I feel the quantity of the Ginseng oil provided is way too much as I am almost on the verge of completing the cream but the Ginseng oil is still 3/4th of the bottle. The Ginseng oil comes with a dropper which helps to wisely choose the amount of oil required. Also the packaging consists of spatula to appropriately choose the quantity of cream to apply. The set comes in a golden box which makes it look very elegant. Also, the bottles are light golden in colour. The cream is approx 50ml in quantity and the Ginseng bottle is 32 ml.



  • Hydrates the skin.
  • Makes the skin supple
  • Nice packaging
  • Quantity is well


  • Though the seller says it is suitable for combinational skin as well but I have seen people getting breakouts on the skin if not dry skin.
  • Pricey

Rating: 4/5


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