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Putting on the makeup surely makes me happy but I ensure to take it off and take good care of my skin. I was certainly elated by the fact that it was Diwali and we were all dressed up for the occasion. But sadly my little slept quite early on the eve as she was super tired and so couldn’t hold her sleep. After Diwali puja and the dinner we planned on netflixing a bit before hitting the bed.¬† So, I thought it was the ideal time to simultaneously utilise my time doing a skin care session. It took me 30 minutes and trust me I could all do it while watching television.

Time Required : 30 minutes

To start with I ensured to remove my makeup with an oil based makeup remover and to do so I usually rely on the Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean makeup remover. After the makeup is removed with the help of the makeup remover I follow up with a gentle face wash. Then I sprayed Dabur Gulabari all over my face and dabbed a cotton pad gently all over.

A face mask to keep my skin hydrated was essential and to do so I had used the honey mask from Sephora. All I needed was to keep it over my face for 20 minutes. I hydrated my lips with the Body shop born lippy and feet with the crack heel from Patanjali( though this I don’t do this often but whenever I had to be bare foot for some time, I ensure to put on a heel repair cream as it provides maximum hydration). After 20 minutes, I rubbed my finger tips in circular motion on my face to give a gentle massage for a minute and followed it up with the FaceShop Ginseng Cream.

Trust me this whole process took me just 30 minutes and I had to spend not more than 10 minutes in front of the mirror, as rest I did while sitting on the couch.

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