Taylor Swift Makeup Tutorial: Shake it Off

My little one is a fan of Taylor Swift and every time she watches her on the TV she wants me to dress up like her so I got the idea to do a makeup tutorial. Here is the step by step by guide on the super easy makeup tutorial of Taylor Swift from the song Shake it off. 

Step 1: Clean your face and moisturise well.

Step 2: I then applied the Bobbi Brown Foundation which currently is one of my favourite.


Step 3: I then used the Chambor flawless finish concealer in shade 101 as in the image and dabbed it with the help of a sponge (sadly I misplaced my beauty blender). Make sure to dab it along and not swipe it.


Step 4: I did the contouring with a lipstick for which I had used Revlon lipstick in shade Just Me (036) and then similarly with the help of a sponge I dabbed so that the product remains and doesn’t move.


Step 5: On eyes I used the shade Nooner from the Naked 3 palette. Also, I used the same shade under the lower eyelash just to give it a little lift.


Step 6: I used the Loreal Super Liner to make the winged eyeliner and the Estee Lauder Mascara (Sumptuous Extreme 01) on the eye lash as well as lower eye lash.


Step 7: Taylor’s signature colour is Red and so here I used the Lakme Enrich Satin in Red(359). Before this I used a lip liner in the same shade from Chambor to make the outline and then covered the lips with the same.


Step 8: I pinned up the bangs and tied my hair to it give a bob look as of Taylor’s in the song.

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