Winter Care Essentials: October Favourites

It’s officially winters here in Pune. The temperature here has started dipping with colder nights and a little colder early mornings, though, the temperature here doesn’t go too low but we frequently experience dryness in the air. That being said, Pune’s air is mostly dry during the year but certain months get too harsh on the skin and for me it is worse as I have mentioned many a times in my previous posts as well, that I have a very dry and sensitive skin. So, I need to be extra cautious during these days. And since the dryness in the air has begun from quite a few weeks now, I thought of sharing my winter care essentials with you guys, if these could be of any help to you.

I am covering my winter care essentials which I had been using in the month of October, out of which I believe a few I will be continuing in the next month as well.


  1. Jergen’s Soothing Aloe: Immediately after stepping out of the shower, this body lotion from Jergen’s, helps soothe my body. The formula is intense and works well in such dry weather.Jergen's Body Lotion
    Jergen's Cucumber Lotio
  2. Patanjali Crack Heel: Don’t ever forget to work on your heels. The dry weather takes a toll on the heels as well and we often tend to ignore it. This cream from Patanjali is an Ayurvedic formula and works well on heels foot and the fingers. Mostly before going to bed I prefer to apply the cream on clean and dry feet and conceal them with pair of socks. Repeated usage certainly softens the feet.Crack Cream


  1. the Smim from The FaceShop: This is the new toner I am currently trying on an the results are good. Essentially, I’m trying to make it a habit in my after makeup skincare routine, or otherwise in morning skincare routine.
  2. The FaceShop Ginseng Cream Set:  I’ve already said a lot about this product in one of my previous posts and needless to say it has become a daily essential so after applying a toner to my clean skin the Ginseng cream set is imminent.
  3. Banana Boat Sport Sunscreen Lotion: After hydrating my face with the Ginseng Cream set if I have to step out in the sun which I normally do to run some errands, I prefer to layer up my skin with the sunscreen lotion from Banana Boat. The best part of it is that even though it comes with SPF 50 it doesn’t make my skin look greasy and my skin absorbs it perfectly. Also, prefer to apply the sunscreen lotion on the exposed parts of my body like my arms and feet (I know most of us often neglect it)Winter Skin care
  4. Nutriganics Smoothing Serum from The Body Shop: Though this isn’t part of my daily routine but I prefer to apply it atleast on alternate days if not daily, before hitting the bed. This is something I prefer to use it on my alternate night skincare routines. Additionally, it also, treats the first signs of ageing.
  5. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye: As the name suggests, I use it in my night skin care routine. It relaxes my skin under the eye and hence avoids the under eye bags.
  6. Born Lippy from The Body Shop: The Lip balm in the flavour raspberry, is also amongst my bedtime routine, essentially because during day we tend to attract the dust from outside if lip balm is applied on the lips.
  7. Golden Cocoon Oatmeal Face Masks: I have a variety of the sheet face masks as I feel these are the handy items which I can carry wherever I travel and are absolutely hassle free. I prefer to use these at least once a week to pamper my skin on and off.Oatmeal Face Mask


  1. Loreal Hair Spa: Don’t forget your hair in this dry weather as they too need hydration. I prefer to give a deep conditioning treatment to my hair every weekend with this Loreal Hair Spa cream at home and monthly once at a salon. This keeps my hair hydrated and shiny.Hair Spa


Winter CareThese are the items I had used all in the month of October and I plan to share a monthly post on my favourites like this.


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