Mind Body & Soul Bath Collection : Review

There are times when you go home and meet n number of people, at least that’s what I usually do when I visit my home town. And so exchanging gifts with your near and dear ones is sure to follow. A month back I visited my parents at my hometown and spent a fortnight there. After a long time I had so much fun, I feel so because my sister too was there at the same time and it just felt like old days, the four of us plus my little one. Like things work there usually when we go see our parents, this time as well it was more or less similar. We go out on lot of dinners and lunches at various of mommy’s friends places, relatives and so on. When we went to see one of my mommy’s friend over dinner, she gave me this lovely present which she had recently bought on her visit to the USA, Mind, Body & Soul’s Cherry Blossom Bath Collection set.Bath Crystals

Shower Gel

The Cherry Blossom Bath Collection set from Mind Body & Soul consists of 5 items which include a 100 ml bottle of a shower gel, 100ml bottle of body wash, a 70 ml body lotion, 50g of bath crystals and a body pouf. The bath collection comes in a attractive packaging, where the back of the box has a list down of all the items, their respective ingredients as well as the directions to use them. The fragrance of all of the items in the bath collection set are quite appealing and all the items have similar fragrance because they are from the same collection range of Cherry Blossom but the intensity varies. The body lotion’s fragrance in the Mind Body & Soul’s bath collection set is the most dominating amongst the range of items present in this box. All the bottles and the box’s packaging are in shade pink which suits the name Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom Body Lotion

Shower Gel

Though I have used the contents of the box hardly once, but overall, I am very impressed with the collection they have come up, but I feel that instead of keeping shower gel and body both in the set they should have had 1 of these items and a face wash or a shampoo provided if they have in the same range, just a thought.

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