Lakme Absolute Makeup Remover: Review

As far as I love to put on the makeup, so is the removal of it. I wouldn’t lie but at times it has happened with me and I am sure with most of us that we forget to remove the makeup from the skin and sleep with the product on. As I am maturing, so is my skin and in the process to take care of my skin now I hardly ever repeat the mistake of sleeping on with makeup on my skin. As soon as I am home I prefer to take off my makeup and pamper my skin for it to breathe.

I just ran out of my makeup remover, which is Maybelline Clean Express Eye and Lip Makeup remover which I have been using since ages. The first time I tried it on and could never get away with it because that was the perfect match so didn’t feel a need to try on any other brand’s makeup remover ever since. But this time when I stepped out of my house to buy the same product from the market in my vicinity I couldn’t. So I ended up buying the Lakme Absolute Bi-Phased makeup remover out of choice. I am not a fan of the creamy makeup remover as I feel that they don’t do the required job, ever since I had been using the oil based makeup remover from Maybelline. So, I thought let me give a try to the Lakme Absolute Bi-Phased Makeup Remover as this too is an oil based product.



  • Shake the bottle gently to activate the formulation.
  • Apply the desired amount of this Bi-phased Makeup Remover on a cotton pad and gently wipe over the makeup in a circular motion.
  • Splash lukewarm water over your face and finish with a good moisturiser.


Price: Rs 275 for 60 ml 

My Take on the Product:

Lakme Absolute Bi-Phased Makeup Remover is does justice by removing every single bit of makeup from the skin, hereby leaving the skin fresh and clean. I ensure to wash of my face with a moisturiser after removing the makeup and ofcourse hydrate it with a moisturiser. I feel that the product is worth the price and the results are fantastic. It is worth buying the Lakme Absolute Makeup Remover. However, the only let down is the packaging. As far as the cylindrical container is concerned, it appears fine. But the spray nozzle is didn’t work for me at all, so everytime I have to open up it’s cap and pour some on the cotton pad in order to use it.

Faulty spray nozzle
Faulty spray nozzle


  • Nicely removes the makeup.
  • Affordable price @ Rs 275



The nozzle didn’t work for me at all.


Rating: I would rate it as a 4/5


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