Kolorbar Unisex Salon, Pune Review

At the beginning of the year I had mentioned in my post that I got my hair treated, but sadly, the results didn’t last long enough. Though, frankly I have already undergone multiple hair treatments from straightening, to rebonding to smoothening and what not, but the one time I remember precisely, the tech went wrong and after that it has never been the same. I don’t want to pick the name of the salon where I got my hair treated but that was the worst and that too before my wedding. Anyway, moving on, so anytime post that process my hair never actually recovered, though I wouldn’t say that they became worse but they weren’t better either. So I did lot of hair spas and some home remedies to improvise the condition of my hair, which to some extent helped.

This time I took my chance of getting my hair done from a new salon which was opened a few months back in Pune in the area Kharadi. This time I am actually very happy with the results.

Before hair cut
My hair before the start of the service

Notice the shine in the hair, my hair looks healthier now.

The tech who provided the service to me did an incredible job. The whole process including my hair cut took 3.5 hours which is as opposed to the long hours I had normally devoted. I think it is better because otherwise the hair get over-exposed to the chemicals and in turn got damaged everytime. But as my hair are too heavy and have lot of volume, I feel the straightening/smoothening/rebonding process makes them manageable.


Starightening at Kolorbar
That’s my hair after the process


Hair Stylist
The guy who did the magic!

If you visit the salon for a service do ask for Salim, the senior hair stylist. Overall, I’m quite happy with the service. Also, I felt that the staff is very friendly and gave right advice unlike many salons who prefer to give the service just for the sake of it, even if it is required or not.

The rebonding process costed me Rs 3500 as they had an offer going on. Do pay a visit and check out for more offers and I believe the salon is worth a visit. Below are some of the pics of the salon.

KolorBar Salon Pune


Kolorbar Loreal products

Interior of the Kolorbar Salon

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