My stall at Christmas Carnival

Sometimes in life we come across situations which are beyond our comfort zone and so the hesitation is bound to surround. If we think deeper why we hesitate the reason becomes very clear and obvious. The fear to lose or failure is the prime reason for the hesitation, but if we never try we’ll never know. That being said, I’m very excited to share my new experience.

Something which I had never tried before and hadn’t even got close to it. I put up a stall at the Christmas carnival, and that too a food stall. It was quite an experience, and I had a lot of fun. So, it all started when my parents, sister and brother-in-law came to visit us for our daughter’s birthday. Somewhere around that time, one day I got a message on the whatsapp group, about the upcoming christmas carnival and opportunity to put up stalls, food or product and accordingly make the bookings. Honestly, it wasn’t my idea at all but my sister’s. She insisted me to put up a stall and that too a food stall (pav bhaji) because in India people are fond of food and even if they shop anything or not they will definitely eat out. Initially, I denied stating the various reasons like how I will do it alone, and who will take care of my kid, blah, blah… But I’m very fortunate that I’m surrounded by such people in my life who give me that push to take a new challenge. My parents and of course my sister gave me that push to go ahead and give it a try. But as I was hesitant of doing it alone assuming that my husband won’t encourage it. By this I also realised that sometimes we think way too much and complicate the situation unnecessarily. I asked one of my friend if she would partner with me in putting up the stall, who was initially hesitant as me but later agreed. Also, needless to mention that my husband supported the idea and stood as a pillar by side.

Practically, there were a few hurdles but rest was smooth. I think it went smooth because of the proper planning we had done days before and the right approach we took. The first thing after booking the stall and confirming our name in the carnival, we did by jotting down the most obvious thing, which is the ingredients. I’m the kind of person who prepares a to do-list for most of my jobs from a very long time and I feel it helps me to do things in a systematic way.

After we came up with the list of ingredients we had to come up with a number of audience we were targeting or rather assuming to show up at the stall and accordingly decide the amount of ingredients require. This took us a few days as we weren’t sure of the audience count. Next we came up with a plan of the things to be done and when. When we had chalked out a concrete plan, we went shopping according to the plan of course as the vegetables had to be purchased only a few days in advance.

On the day of the Christmas carnival, we prepared the bhaji and taking a break of 2 hours to rest and get ready as we were exhausted after preparing the bhaji we went to the location to put up the stall and guess how it started. The moment we placed are equipments like burners and tava on the table, bang, the table broke. I got petrified and then we decided to set up the equipments on the floor rather on the table to avoid any further accidents (though we got a new table). We got an overwhelming response and our stall was a hit. We got many compliments which was the best part.

Though by the end we got so exhausted that after wrapping up as we came home I slept like a log. Overall, it was a fabulous experience and the learning I got from it was to never fear of failures.

I would like to tell my readers to take up opportunities in life and explore the other side of yourself as well without fear, and never to be afraid of the results. I was happy that I tried.


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