Weekend Getaway with family @ Mumbai!

December went great for me. It always does and holds a special place in my heart as my daughter was born in this month. I did mention in my previous post that at the beginning of the month, my family paid a visit to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. We decided to go on a short trip post the celebrations but since we had less time in hand we had lesser options to make a choice. 3 days to be precise and we didn’t want to waste too much of time in travel. So we finalised Mumbai as a go to place where we could reach fairly in time and enjoy the beaches.

Day 1:

Although we had called the cabbie to report by sharp 6 but he came extremely late. Sadly we had to wait for close to an hour and half as the driver was late by 1.5 hours. As our main agenda was to relax and spend some quality time with the family, so, we had the bookings done for the first day at “The Resort”, a resort at Aksa Beach, Mumbai. Don’t get confused by the name as many of us who don’t know about it do so. The name itself is “The Resort”. Anyway we were already behind our schedule and the icing on the cake was when our cabbie took a wrong turn in Malad. That one wrong turn costed us 2 hours in the traffic. By the time we reached our resort we were drained, exhausted and hungry.The Resort

The resort is situated on a peaceful Aksa beach near Malad and has some adventure activities to indulge in as well. This was our second visit to “the Resort”, but this time we were disappointed by their service. Though we had a lot of fun being on vacation with family but there were a lot of things which we didn’t like. At the entrance we were greeted well by the security but as we moved to their lobby nobody even bothered to help us with the luggage to our room. We had booked 3 rooms with them, so ideally we should have at least got 3 of them on the same floor if not consecutive but to our surprise we got them on 3 different floors (1st, 4th and 5th). The cleanliness in the room too wasn’t up to the mark as we expect from a 4 star resort. We had to make multiple request for washroom toiletries to be delivered and all the time we were given assurance that they will be provided but nobody showed up. Basically the housekeeping staff wasn’t doing their job properly

However, the food was excellent and that definitely saved our day. Later we came to know from the manager that all the rooms except some 4-5 rooms were booked by a single family as they were hosting a wedding in the resort and s o we realised their negligence in attending other guests(us).

Anyway we managed to have fun and ignore the rest as we didn’t want to spoil the rest of our day though we had already wasted half of our day in commute. We spent some time at the beach, did some adventure activities and before checking out the next day too spent some more time at the beach collecting shells. Like its said, all is well that ends well.




After checking out from “The Resort” we moved to the second destination of ours which was the hotel Ambassador at Collaba. Though the hotel has a medieval structure but it has some fine rooms and great staff. Everything here seemed so perfect after our last visit to resort because now we were into the comparison mode, which is quite human. We went to eat pav bhaji at the very famous “Sardar” at tardev. Though we had to be in queue for almost an hour but the wait was worth after eating the pav bhaji. I’ve never eaten a pav bhaji as delicious as Sardar’s. In evening we spent our time strolling in the nearby collaba market and later spent an hour or 2 at the marine drive by drinking tea and chit chatting. It was a gala time and would surely want something like this to happen again.Naughty girl

Day 3:

After breakfast we headed straight back to Pune as my brother-in-law has a flight to catch in the evening from Pune back to Singapore.Wedding Decoration


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