How to organise a house party

I’m sure we all have come across times when we prefer to party at home. Home party can either be fun or turn into a menace if not organised properly. In this post I will cover a few points on how I organise the parties at home. A very recent experience of it was that on my daughter’s birthday. She turned 4 at the beginning of this month and so ofcourse it was time for a celebration. We started the planning process by forming a to-do-list.



  1. Guests List: Before starting with any kind of planning a count of the guests is essential to make the necessary arrangements. I did the same on my daughter’s birthday to get an estimation and thereby think about the venue.
  2. Venue: After you come up with a number you need to decide the venue for celebration. Ofcourse, this may vary according to your budget. As ours was a small guests list, hence we decided to do a house party.
  3. Menu: This is something which has to be selected carefully and according to the party. As we were celebrating my daughter’s 4th birthday our menu was supposed to be child centric, by that I mean the items which kids will love and as there were adults too in the party( mostly the kids’ parents) so the menu has to be wide. Our menu comprised of the very obvious cake followed by pizza, burger, smileys, noodles and gulab jamun(a sweet). We got a caterer prepare most of the menu but the noodles.
  4. Rest we got all the disposable items like plates, spoons, forks and glasses.
  5. Decoration: A party isn’t complete without a decoration, and the easiest way to decorate is with balloons. My daughter’s insistence was on Sophia, the First themed party but we couldn’t find a dress for her. But it was her day so we planned to do things her way. We got a princess dress in ivory white for her. That was actually a gift from my sister and brother-in-law. The balloon decoration was in a combination of white, purple and pink coloured balloons, a few buntings and luckily we got a thermocol cut out of Sophia which added the charm. Also, there a a few centrepieces which my sis has prepared from thermocol balls and ribbon, which looked absolutely gorgeous.
  6. The cake too was a princess cake with purple and white colour.
  7. Return Gifts: Not all parties have to have return gifts but birthday parties certainly have to have one. We chose assorted gifts and did prepare paper bags with Sophia stickers on them which kids really appreciated. In the bag there were a necklace, hairband, ear rings and clips.
  8. Games & Music: We played musical chairs with the kids. Decide the games according to the audience’s age group.

I think I have covered majorly all the points. Let me know how do you guys plan and organise a house party.


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