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As I have mentioned (I believe a hundred times) in my previous posts that I have extremely dry skin and so I’m very choosy about my moisturizer. Also, it might surprise you that I had never ever tried a single product from the Biotique till this time. It happened when I ran completely out of my moisturizer and I had no choice but to go for a drug store brand in the interim till I get my usual creams/moisturizer. But in this super dry weather of Pune which brand was going to help me, I had absolutely no clue. I went to a nearby store and laid my eyes on the Biotique Morning Nectar Skin moisturizer. At that time I had no choice but to go with this one because all the other usual brands do no good to my skin as I had already tried them some time or the other. So, I thought of taking a chance with this moisturizer for the time being.

To my surprise I was quite happy with the results. It suited my skin far better than the usual brands. After stepping out of the shower I usually, give a couple of minutes to hydrate my skin even if I don’t have time to get ready properly.

About the Product:  Morning Nectar visibly flawless skin moisturizer is a refreshing lotion that hydrates and nourishes the skin. Reduces and prevents fine lines and wrinkles. Keeps skin fresh, light and bright. For best results apply after serum.


I agree to the description of the product on the box to a larger extent. As my skin is super dry, so for me it worked fabulous. But I doubt the same for oily or combinational skin beauties. Though on the box it is mentioned for all skin types but I seriously doubt about the fact that my skin absorbed the product so well and that’s the reason why it couldn’t work well for all skin types, just a thought! The consistency of the product is fine. The best part is that it doesn’t leave the skin oily as mostly many do in order to tend the dry skin. Though after application it feels well, after a couple of hours I feel the need to reapply the moisturizer, so I feel it isn’t quite long-lasting. As an example, today I even noted the hours and after merely 3 hours I had to re-do it. But that was the only flaw I could recall. A fix for it which I have come up with if I don’t want to rehydrate is by applying the Ginseng oil after the application of moisturizer due to which my skin remains hydrated the entire day. It comes at a very reasonable price which Rs 199 for 120 ml bottle. It is an Ayurvedic brand and they claim it to be made of 100% botanical extracts. I feel for a price that low even if I have to re-do it then it isn’t a big deal.



  1. Hydrates well
  2. Doesn’t leave the skin oily
  3. Healthy and replenished skin
  4. Ayurvedic product
  5. Comes at a very low price



  1. No SPF
  2. Need to rehydrate too soon


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