Wok Masters Pune: Review

A movie and dinner used to be our routine till few months back, but things have changed now as the little one doesn’t cooperate.  I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but we are very fond of movies and there was a time when a movie on Friday night was an obvious routine. Anyway, still my little one has cooperated way more than expected.

Anyway these days a Friday night dinner has become a ritual to begin with the weekend. And when you are married to a foodie like mine exploring the various joints in the city becomes inevitable. So, I thought of sharing my views on the food joints as well from here forth, whichever I visit. 

Last Friday, we visited Wok Masters newly opened food joint in WTC, Kharadi, in Pune. To be honest I had no clue about the food here, but as my darling husband insisted, we chose to give it a try.

The ambience of the restaurant was decent enough with both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. It wasn’t that great but wasn’t bad either. The staff was quite friendly and explained us well. As we weren’t too hungry we chose to order a Wok and a starter. A disclaimer, we are vegetarians so all my reviews would strictly imply to the vegetarian food whichever I would have tasted so far and I wouldn’t have a clue about non-vegetarian food being served at the place. For those of you who don’t know what a wok is, it is actually a pan which is used in Chinese cuisine cooking. Wok Master reviewHere, by Wok we mean we get to choose the ingredients which would make our noodles, as simple as that. We could either order something from the menu or could order a wok. So we ordered both, honey chilli potatoes from the menu as starter and a wok which was chosen by my husband. wok master honey chilli potatoThough the honey chilli potato were extremely spicy but they tasted so good and so did the wok. Hygiene wise the restaurant was well maintained and the rates too were very reasonable.

Overall, I liked the concept and would recommend the foodies to give it a try.

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